Conference Finances

The Big Break 2015 conference fee is $329 per person for Weeks 1-3. This covers the cost of your housing, all meetings, and materials. Food is not provided, but each condo has a full kitchen. There are grocery stores, a Walmart, and many restaurants nearby.

The $329 must be paid in full by the time online registration closes for the week you are attending in order for us to place you in housing at the Edgewater.

**There is a limited amount of housing available each week, so register and pay in full early! (See the home page for the number of participants each week who can be housed at the Edgewater.)

If you cancel your registration prior to the closing of online registration for your week, you can receive a full refund minus $50. If you cancel your registration after the closing of online registration for your week, you will only receive a refund of $100. However, if someone of the same gender wants to take your place at the conference, they may. (Note: if our housing block fills up and you have not paid in full, we will refund the amount you have paid with no penalty.)

There are four ways to pay your conference cost:

  1. When you register online, you can pay with a credit or debit card.
  2. You can pay by check mailed to Cru’s headquarters.
  3. Your local Cru ministry may be able to offer a scholarship.
  4. You can raise funds and mail the checks to Cru’s headquarters.

Your conference fee can be paid by any combination of these four ways.


Send checks made payable to “Big Break” to the address below. Please be sure to include your name and which week you are attending so that we can apply the check to the correct person.

When you mail your check, email us at (include the week you are attending) so that we will know you have paid. (However, keep in mind that we will be filling our housing block with only those who have paid in full – not those who still owe money. Mail your checks and email us as early as possible!)

Big Break, Week #?
100 Lake Hart Dr, #2500
Orlando, FL 32832-0100


Raising Funds

You are embarking on an incredible adventure! You have accepted the challenge of helping reach the world for Christ by deciding to join other students on Big Break.

As Christ’s ambassador (2 Corinthians 5:20) you are in a unique position to invite others to invest financially in His cause. As you offer individuals the chance to underwrite your Big Break expenses, you will be giving them the unparalleled opportunity of investing in eternity (Matthew 6:19-21). King David gave Israel such an opportunity when he challenged the people to underwrite the cost of building a temple for the Lord (1 Chronicles 29:9-14).

Because David knew that all the world’s wealth ultimately belonged to God, he boldly challenged others to channel their resources toward building a physical testimony to the Lord, a temple. As you raise funds for Big Break, you will be allowing God to channel the resources of His people toward building a human testimony — a witness for Christ.

There are 4 steps in the support raising process:

As you place your trust in God and carefully implement each of these steps, you will see success.